Morning run in the Denver area

Out visiting family and got my first run in after two days of acclimating to the elevation change. Beautiful morning run.

Looking south towards downtown Denver from Northglen

Hoping to get in many more runs while we are out here, adding more miles each time. Loving this low humidity!!!!

Really cool flowering bush along the run.

Ran to a park nearby…

Happy with the pace but I did stop many times to let my heart slow down! 🙂

Run Strong, run Safe!

Sunrise 16 miles!

Titicus Reservoir North Salem NY

Banged out 16 miles on Sunday and what a beautiful morning for the run! Was out the door at 6:15 AM heading northwest towards my goal of Titicus Reservoir in North Salem, NY. As I progress on my long runs, this area is one of my favorites as I can run along either side and enjoy amazing views. My last long run will be 20 miles or more with a round trip around the entire reservoir and then the return leg of 7 miles. That’s a few weeks ahead for me at this point.

I am writing this about 24 hours later and surprisingly, my feet are fine. My shoes are the end of their design life (lol) and my feet were clearly informing me of this fact! My legs are appropriately sore and I am generally tired but that’s how I am after every long run as I progress. So, life is good!

I have one more 6 miler on Wednesday before we are off to visit our kids in Colorado on Thursday. There will be little chance for “long” runs for a couple of weeks. First week we are at 5200 feet and then at 9000 feet so acclimation is critical to get any distance in. In the past, I allow two days before I try and then, limit it to about 3 miles on that first run.

A quick six miles this morning…. (well, sort of quick?)

Hazy humid morning 🙂

Got out the door for six miles going south into town. Haven’t run this route in a while so it was a nice change. The first half is slightly uphill most of the run and then you get to enjoy the slightly downhill return.

Legs felt good after two days of recovery from my 14 miles on Monday but the last mile they did remind me about it.

Of course, after my protein recovery drink, time for my first cup of coffee!!

COFFEE.. MUST HAVE after my morning run… 🙂


Run Safe, Run Strong!

And the number is………Recognizing my age (and embracing it!)

Along my 14 mile run this past Monday

It’s been a few years since I posted anything on my running blog. In that time, I have run 2 more marathons, about 5 half marathons and averaged about 900 miles a year in total miles. I burned out on writing about it as work was crazy and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to be back on the computer again 🙂

In January of 2017 (this year), I retired after working full-time and part-time since I was 15 so that makes it 50 years of various jobs MOST of which I really enjoyed and a couple that I was just grateful to escape from. I am still consulting part-time to keep myself active and, get this, my wife gave me a drone for my 65th birthday so I am having a blast learning how to fly it and take some very cool photos and videos! On a side note, I started running later in life at the age of 47.

SO, what’s all the above rambling all about? I want to run my 10th marathon this year to celebrate turning 65 (just in July) and I have decided to share this journey with whomever reads this. What I have realized is that I need to stop trying to run like I am MUCH younger and train smart using a modified marathon training plan that allows for the longer recovery times that “mature” runners need 🙂 This realization has settled in as I recover from a 14 mile run two days ago and WOW, I am still tired (and sore). I have used Hal Higddon’s plans in the past and guess what, he has one for what he calls the “Marathon Senior Training Program”. I am already about six weeks into a 16 week program so I am going to transition to this new one. It is so much more forgiving and yet allows me to get those long runs in. I know there are some runners my age and much older who can still bang out those 50 mile weeks but I don’t need to anymore. Here is the link: Hal Higdon’s Senior Marathon Training Plan

Let’s see where this takes me! I have two possible marathons on October 15th and one possible on October 22nd. I have to decide which one. As all runners know, once you pull the trigger and REGISTER, you MUST go, right? 🙂

If you are new to my blog, poke around and you may find all the race reports I did from 2012 through 2015 along with my training runs and LOTS of photos. I love taking pictures along my runs and sharing them on Facebook and here.

Run Safe, Run Strong!

After finishing my most recent half marathon, the “Run for the Cows” in Redding Connecticut this past May. Not the easiest but it is a wonderful half with amazing scenery . I’ve blogged about it in the past here.

111 miles in August! WooHoo.. first 100 mile month this year

FINALLY! Was so close in July (89) but travel and a really bad cold cut the miles.

2015-08-30 07.01.22 Saw a couple of real turkeys at the start of the run

Okay, so what’s been up since I last posted? Running…. what else, right (well, work, etc). Yesterday was my 17 mile run and I messed up and hit the save button at around 2 miles on my watch. SO, starting over, I had to get 15 more miles to make the 17 miles. I did the Balanced Rock loop (about 10 miles) and added a run around our local high school and one of the elementary schools to make it 12 miles as ran back passed my home to reload my water/sports drink bottle and eat a power bar (didn’t go in, just stayed on the roadside).

2015-08-30 08.32.16 Heading east on Wallace Hill Road just off NY116 in South Salem NY

I felt quite strong the first 6 to 8 miles but then it was like the tank just ran dry! It was very humid but only 81 degrees and as I was running around 9am, the sun wasn’t that strong yet. Not sure why I had such a struggle but that is the way of running! Some days, the dragon almost wins!

2015-08-30 09.31.35 Local Soccer Match between two local geese teams at Scottland Elementary School!

I was doing some quick mental calculations to figure out how to make the run be exactly 17 miles and made a few changes as I ran. I realized about 1.5 miles out from home that I was really 2.5 miles from home. Talk about being an unhappy camper! Given I was slogging along and NOT having fun at this point, I wasn’t going to give in so I made a sharp right hand turn and headed down Main Street to Copps Hill Plaza and then a left to head back up to North Street. A quick right and left through a local cemetery and boom, I was back on track. I will tell you that those last 2.5 miles were a struggle. I walked some, stopped some, but I kept on in a forward direction 🙂

2015-08-31_15-38-46 My route map. You can click on this to make it larger. You see how hilly my course is too. The really wavy line is my pace, NOT constant!

Got to love how the second half of my run was mostly uphill vs. the first half. Hmmm, I must enjoy pain.. 🙂

Side note, the day after, I am feeling pretty good! Not sore, and just a minimal level of tiredness. I did go to bed at 8:30 Sunday night so those 9 hours of sleep may have helped!

Until next time, Run Safe and Run Strong!

Hills, hills, hills, ……. (hills are good for you, right?)

2015-08-02 07.13.10 Moon setting over pond around mile 2

This past Sunday I logged a 14.1 mile run rather than the 9 mile run scheduled. The 14 mile run should have happened this coming Sunday but I will be out of town traveling and I didn’t want to miss NOT doing the run! So, off I went to put in my 14 miles. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning! 59 degrees, bright sunshine at 6:30 AM as I headed down the road.

As always, my long runs are slow, about 90 seconds off my hoped for marathon pace so I was finding myself running about a 12 min mile. Now, for most of you, that is CRAWLING! But, I was okay with it 🙂

2015-08-02 08.03.13

2015-08-02 08.03.31

2015-08-02 08.02.55 Vail Lane in North Salem, NY

Around mile 7, I was up on Vail Lane. Getting here the way I chose was not an easy task. The vertical distance from the lowest point of the run (mile 5.2) to the top of Vail Lane is about a 200 feet over less than a mile. Okay, western mountain types and such, don’t laugh. It still gets you breathing harder.. haha. Once at the top, it is a beautiful horse farm meadow and very flat. Always a stunning view as you can see by the photos above.

From there, I worked my way north and east to Spring Valley Road back in CT. Lot’s of down hill (yay) and shaded lanes of tree lined roads. So peaceful.

2015-08-02 08.26.46

I am so blessed to be able to run in such beautiful country!! Going to take two days off to let myself recover and then back on plan. 🙂

Until next time, Run Safe, Run Strong!

12 Miles at dawn…… (sounds like a book title, doesn’t it?)

2015-07-29 05.38.01

Having missed my 12 mile run this past Sunday and not wanting to fall behind in the training, I finally got my 12 miles in (well, 12.5!) this morning! Of course it’s supposed to be the hottest and most humid day of this current heat wave so I set the alarm for 4:30 AM to be sure to get some breakfast before I headed out. One small bowl of Cheerios later, I was out the door at 5:02 AM to find it a delightful 67 degrees! Still quite dark, I headed south on North Street into the center of town. Oh, did I mention that the humidity was about 85%? Needless to say, after about 1 mile, I was already “glistening”, no, I was SOAKED 🙂

Following the rules of a long run, I made this an LSD run. Long, Slow, Distance. Knowing I had 12 miles to run, I kept the pace VERY slow.

The photo at the top was taken in town just as the dawn was starting. Very subtle colors, very pretty. I didn’t see any cars the first 2 miles of the run!

I continued south to my turn point and then west a spell and then headed back north to begin my return leg. When I got to the high point of the run (High Ridge Road, good name, right?), the sun was just rising.

2015-07-29 06.07.51

The first part of the course was primarily uphill for about 4 miles. The next part was 4 miles of downhill! Love when that happens (I did sort of plan it that way 🙂 ) Continuing north, I found RT116 and ran to the high school and then looped back east to Ledges Road and then south to find North Street and home.

2015-07-29 07.52.09

2015-07-29 07.51.44

Respecting my age (don’t go there.. haha), I knew my pace would be between 11:30 and 12 / mile. For so many of you, that is crawling! I was fine with it. I am not a fast runner but I do try to always finish what I start. I got home around 7:20 just in time to get ready for work.

Afterthought; A 12.5 mile on a very humid morning after getting up at 4:30 AM is not recommended if you want to feel totally awake and fresh at work! 🙂 Let’s put it this way, I am on my 3rd cup of coffee and it’s only 11:15 🙂


Until next time Run Safe, Run Strong!

The hazy days of summer training

2015-07-28 07.01.24 Along my run this morning…

Not too much to report so far. Had planned on doing a 12 mile run this past Sunday but I held off as I found myself dealing with allergies! Thought it was a cold coming on but it wasn’t. (That was the good news!)

Told myself I would do the 12 miler today Tuesday but when I got up at 4:10 AM, the fog was so thick outside, I felt it wasn’t a safe option to run both in the dark and FOG. Went back to sleep for 90 mins and then put in a 6 mile run. The fog was burning off and it was only 71 degrees but wow was it HUMID!

Now, I cannot put off the 12 mile run so I must do it tomorrow Wednesday.I am doing the Hal Higdon Intermediate One Marathon Training program for the Marine Corp Marathon on October 25th and really want to follow it correctly. Of course, this will be the HOTTEST day of the heat wave 🙂 Not too worried about the heat at 4:30 am but the air quality and humidity should be interesting. This will be my first time ever running 12 miles and then going to work 🙂

Stay tuned! Now that I have put it out there, I have to run, right?

Until next time, Run Strong, Run Safe!

Colorado running!

My family and I were blessed to have a nice vacation in the high country of Colorado over the July 4th weekend and into the following week! It was a wonderful time having all of us together watching the parade, fireworks, walking, and exploring! 2015-07-05 12.18.18

After the kids left, we stayed through Friday and I got in a few runs 🙂

2015-07-09 07.24.58 A view from one of the trails I ranTen Mile Peak and Peak 1

My first run was with my daughter Kara! She and I are both running the Marine Corp Marathon in October. What a great way to start our training! Running at 9100 feet with only 2 days acclimation! The results? We got in THREE miles before we died! Kara could have gone much further if it weren’t for my needing to stop for O2.. lol Anyway, it was a good run and we enjoyed it 🙂

2015-07-05 09.25.05

The next day, I headed out for a 4 mile run up the trail that goes from Frisco to Copper Mountain and then on to Vail Pass. What a neat trail! Paved, of course, for the bike riders, it follows Ten Mile Creek and I70 west. Again, as I wasn’t really ready for the altitude, my pace was SLOW but I did it and felt good after. Here are a few photos from that run:

2015-07-07 09.25.46 Ten Mile Creek

2015-07-07 09.15.39 Trail to Copper Mountain and on to Vail Pass

I gave myself a days rest and then decided to run south on the same trail system (Summit County trail system) towards Breckenridge. I began to psych myself for an 8 mile run. Crazy, right? 9100 to 9200 feet with lots of small hills along the route. It was an out and back run. Waking up at 6:30 AM, I headed out in a BRISK 39 degree day with the sunshine starting. It felt GREAT!!!

2015-07-09 07.53.28

2015-07-09 07.47.45

2015-07-09 07.42.03

2015-07-09 07.21.00 Ten Mile Peak and Peak 1

I have to tell you, it was an amazing run! Very few folks on the trail aside from the “commuters” on bikes riding between Frisco and Breckenridge. Stunning views, bright sunshine, it was so much fun. YES, I was slow and YES, I really felt it around mile 6 but I finished the run 🙂 I was blown away that I was able to do that distance at that elevation with only 5 days at altitude. (okay, I will stop patting myself on the back now).

We finished out the last two days in Frisco and headed back down towards the Greeley area for the last 3 days of the trip. I did get in one more 5.5 mile run at 4400 feet (wow, what a difference!! pace was strong!) near my parents old house (which we were selling).
2015-07-12 07.40.25 Farm Land by my parents old house. Can you say FLAT? 🙂

2015-07-12 08.01.07 Shadow Selfie

Until next time, “Run safe, Run Strong!”

Back in training!

Sunrise near the Hickories Sunrise on my morning run in Ridgefield this week

FINALLY I’m back! Hey, it’s only been a year or so, right? I can find a number of excuses on why I stopped blogging (burn out, tired, busy, etc) but, since no one reads this, who cares! 🙂

Anyway, I am back with my 2015 goal of running the 40th anniversary Marine Corp Marathon with my daughter Kara! Totally pumped about this and looking forward to the start of my 2015 marathon training season.

So, what was I doing the last year (with respect to running, of course)? Ran a few races!

Hartford Marathon 2014! 5:04:30 A totally unexpected time! Rained the entire 26.2 miles. Now I know I can run in the rain 🙂

Weston Reservoir Run 2014! My third time running this and again, an excellent and beautiful course. I have written about it here before.

Redding Run for the Cows 2015! My third time running this race as well. Probably THE best half marathon course and race I participate in. The race director and his team just do an amazing job every year!!

Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon in Virginia 2015! I ran this with my daughter Kara and one of her very good friends Abby.323620_197697839_XLarge Was a very warm and HUMID day there. Great race, excellent post race support and great crowds along the very historic course. 323621_198048943_XLarge (1)


At some point, I will try to do race reports for each of the races listed above along with photos. Not today. I just wanted to get the blog started and up and running again so I am COMMITTED to doing this 🙂

I have been getting over a silly cold for the past two weeks which really killed any running to speak of. Starting Monday of this week I ran the following:

Monday 5.2 miles 5:30 AM
Tuesday 6.1 miles at 5:30 AM (that’s where the sunrise photo at the top of the blog came from)
Wednesday 4.1 miles at 12:00 Noon on the North County Trailway in Westchester County

I travel to Colorado on Thursday for 11 days so I will be reporting on runs from the trip soon!

My 2015 marathon training has officially begun as of today! It will be SUCCESSFULLY completed on Sunday October 25th in Washington DC when i complete my 9th marathon running the 40th MCM!!

Until then, run hard, run safe, have fun!